ILVY Network

We create inspiring and educational podcasts, together with creative makers and brands with courage.

Every ILVY production is unique, educational and has a level of entertainment involved.

Every ILVY podcast has the intention of moving its listeners. Furthermore ILVY aims to entertain and help its listeners with every release on a daily basis.

ILVY is monetizing its own network. With an in-house sales- and projectteam and the most modern podcast technology for publishers and advertisers. Together with Megaphone as our ad-serving and hosting platform; trusted by the biggest names in worldwide podcasting. We produce in-house audiospots, we help with your strategy and do everything what’s in our power to give you a great experience to work with us.

ILVY Creators

When I started ILVY in 2014, it was driven by my curiosity. ILVY was founded as a place to give back to society: it was a place to learn about the diversity of sexuality and relationships.

Meanwhile, ILVY has developed herself to the perfect combination of being curious, educational ánd entertainingn as one of the most succesfull producer of podcasts in the Netherlands.

drs. Nynke Nijman